What is braverly?

Braverly is a cafe located in Mae Sot, Thailand, that exists to empower women from oppressed people groups on the Burma/Thailand border to live past their fears in order to walk in confidence and truth. We are a training center under Outpour Movement* that trains in business management, sewing, culinary arts, and product development. Even more than this, we long to see women know Jesus, pursue a relationship with Him, and live boldly in who He has created them to be.

We are a space that cultivates creativity, encouraging women to create, to dream, to learn, and to try new things–whether it’s through baking, making drinks, or developing products that are sold in Mae Sot and the U.S. We believe we were not created to simply survive day to day. The Father has created us to thrive, walk with Him, dream with Him, and to experience the fullness of life through Him. Our heart is to help women in Mae Sot experience this kind of life through Jesus.

Our Mission

Braverly exists to see a community of women empowered, trained, and equipped with the tools to provide for their families, walk in confidence and truth, and impact nations. Above all, Braverly exists to seek Jesus and to see Him known in Mae Sot, Thailand, and around the world.


More than just the letter “B” for Braverly, our logo is the number 3 and 1 put together. This is representative of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the role we believe the Lord plays in our lives. We also believe that we are made up of Mind, Body and Soul. We desire to see women walk in wholeness–knowing who they are, whose they are, and because of these things, understand what that means they are capable of!

To see women live brave, dream bravely, influence bravery. This is Braverly.