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Welcome to our Braverly online shop!

We love our products and hope you will too! What we love most is how each of these products are handmade by the incredible women of Braverly! Our women have been working hard to create unique designs they love that will be sold as a part of their own individual collections! The name of the collections that will be released comes from the English translation of each specific woman’s name.

Our first product release accessible to the public is the Braverly Annual–a collection of items available for purchase at any time of year! This collection reflects the beginnings of Braverly in its simplistic design.
Braverly began with a simple idea–what would it look like to have a place that was empowering young women to live past their fears and walk in confidence and truth, a place that would encourage their creativity and challenge them to dream? These women have been doing exactly that, embracing the challenge to learn, to dream, to design, and to create. We love them deeply and are sure you will too!

Stay tuned for the release our next collection this fall–White Flower. Named after the English translation of Paw Wah’s name, this collection will showcase the colors and vibrancy of her Karen culture.

We will be selling our product through Etsy, so follow the link below to see our product!

Braverly Annual